BCBG Max Azria released early autumn Women series

BCBG Max Azria’s early autumn series was really beautiful, even more beautiful than the spring and summer series, elegant gray, abstract prints and a variety of restructuring changings have been united in an elegant atmosphere, even if it’s cool gray tones, printed feeling more camouflage, in addition there were a variety of deconstruction draped layerers, but thay had not destroy the beautiful paintings that sense. Like a cold wind inside a large military jacket and printed robe with the same first glance do not feel the ride, but a closer look at it,they were very harmonious.

Chloe Moretz wore Stuart Weitzman onsale heels

Chloe Moretz wore the Valentino 2015 holiday series red embroidered jacket, shorts attending American Teen Choice Awards 2014,decorated with the same color of a pair of Stuart Weitzman Nudist high-heeled sandals. It seemed to be accompanied with her rumored boyfriend, Chloe Moretz was so happy! To Stuart Weitzman, a great shoe extends beyond form or function—it is about making a woman feel beautiful. For over 30 years, Stuart has been committed to creating this experience: shoes that caress, adorn and adore a woman’s foot; shoes that ignite her imagination and make her feel glamorous.

people love Toms outlet Shoes

Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie has been all around the world, but he’s about to embark on a different, more luxurious adventure: he’s launching an exclusive holiday collection at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman this week. “From a design perspective, we were trying to preserve the classic silhouette of Toms, but give an upgraded and exclusive version for the Neiman and Bergdorf customer,” Mycoskie said. Look out for high-quality fabrics like metallic linens for women and silk-tie for men. But just because they’re more posh doesn’t mean these styles aren’t philanthropic. For every pair sold — prices range from $78…
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Bulgari issued SERPENTI series jewelry watches

Bvlgari is originality, and it unmatched in the world with the snake graceful graceful design,and to bring the iconic Serpenti series stunning debut the new watch Pierre Baselworld 2015, becoming the focus of world attention. With inexhaustible creativity, Bulgari reinterpreted unique charm Serpenti watches with the end to end design. The passage of time, the original classic signs of enduring charm, but timeless.

Todd Snyder x Cole Haan outlet 2015 spring joint series

The New York men’s brand Todd Snyder recently collaborated with the well-known footwear brand Cole Haan, working together to create a new joint footwear line for the 2015 spring. This time Todd Snyder x Cole Haan 2015 spring collection is now available via Todd Snyder purchased separately online stores or Cole Haan stores. Cole Haan is a global lifestyle brand with a focus on men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. Founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in 1928, Cole Haan currently has headquarters in both New York City and Greenland, NH.

Luxury Armani T-shirts

This EMPORIO ARMANI men’s dark blue T-shirt, cool dark blue background, with outspoken Emporio Armani LOGO,is young and full of dynamic street style. At the same time, excellent clothing process to create neat and smooth lines, simple and crisp appearance, soft and delicate texture, modification curve beauty also brings excellent tactile experience, comfortable clothing without affectation is the criterion standard for men’s clothing.

BLITZ launched exclusive worldwide Stuart Weitzman online sale 50/50

2014 autumn and winter series brought new creative unique cooperation projects, especially invited three designers from different areas of individual and unique style with the trend of cooperation, including the well-known New York senior jewelry brand Erickson Beamon, London’s ethnic Chinese women designer Huishan Zhang, and the British avant-garde tide brand KTZ. Three hottest brands, with three different design styles, along with Stuart Weitzman 50/50 jointly re-interpretated the classic boots. At the same time they would open Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Lane Crawford stores worldwide limited shop “Gallery 50/50″, first introduced three distinctive Stuart Weitzman 50/50 joint global exclusive limited…
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メアリー・マッカートニー(Mary McCartney)はポール・マッカートニーの娘だ

「ラルフローレン(Ralph Lauren)」は、「ザ・ビートルズ(The Beatles)」がアルバム「アビー・ロード(Abbey Road)」を収録したロンドンのアビー・ロード・スタジオで、2014スプリングコレクションショー及び英国バンド「ゼノ アンド ザ ストイックス(Zeno and the Stoics)」によるスペシャルライブを5月21日に開催しました。ポール・マッカートニー(Paul McCartney)の娘である写真家のメアリー・マッカートニー(Mary McCartney)、女優のジョディー・ウィッテカー(Jodie Whittaker)、モデルのクララ・パジェット(Clara Paget)、女優のオフィーリア・ロビボンド(Ophelia Lovibond)、デザイナーのナターシャ・ルーファス・アイザックス(Natasha Rufus Isaacs)、女優のサイ・ベネット(Sai Bennett)、ファッションブロガーのエラ・キャットリフ(Ella Catliff)らが姿を見せました。ジャケットでは白いスーツのジョン・レノン(John Lennon)、黒いスーツのリンゴ・スター(Ringo Starr)、スーツに裸足のポール・マッカートニー、デニム姿のジョージ・ハリスン(George Harrison)が歩いています。ポールのみ裸足であるため、当時死亡説が流れました。


バーバリー(Burberry)は「グーグル(Google)」とのコラボレーション・プロジェクトとして、新デジタル・サービス「バーバリー・キス(Burberry Kisses)」をローンチしました。コラボレーションプロジェクト「Art, Copy & Code」の一環で、ユーザーのキスマークを作成しメッセージと共にメールで配信することができるサービスが展開されています。バーバリー・ビューティ(Burberry Beauty) のリップ・カラーから好きな色を選んで唇をペイントすることも可能となっています。メールが受信者に届くまでの経路を「グーグルアース(Google Earth)」やストリート・ビュー(Street View) と連動した、3Dアニメーションで閲覧することができます。専用サイト「Kisses.Burberry.com」にアクセスし、ウェブカメラでの撮影、またはモバイル端末の画面に直接キスをすることで唇のかたちが認識され、キスマークに変身します。「バーバリー・キス」について、バーバリーのチーフ・クリエイティブ・オフィサーであるクリストファー・ベイリー(Christopher Bailey)は「現実の世界でバーバリーが作り出している体験やエモーションをデジタルでいかに伝えられるか、私達はいつも考えています。テクノロジーにほんの少し人の温かさを与えてみたい、そしてそのテクノロジーで世界のバーバリーファンをつないでみたい、というアイディアからスタートしました」とコメントを発表しています。

Hermes most prestigious one Birkin bag

When it is mentioned Hermes, it is reminiscent of someone who have said, “When the day I can have a Hermes bag, that is, I am successful.” In the Hermes bags the most prestigious one is Birkin bag priced at least hundreds of thousands, although there are too many people say that it is ridiculously expensive, just like carry a car in the hand, it does not prevent the people to pursue it. Since the value is so expensive, naturally it is the best choice for stars to show off, though now a variety of exquisite style bag “springing” out…
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